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No elite gamer should be caught dead without owning a cool gaming computer case such as the Nemesis Elite Gaming Case from NZXT. If you familiar with the Nemesis Gaming Case from the same manufacturer, then rest assure that the elite version is truly something to look forward to. This is one nemesis that you would surely love to get you.

There are several compartments where you can easily install your drives without screwing one. On the other hand, you can make use of the 7 expansion card slots by screwing a thing or two.

But what’s exceptional about this unique computer case is the bezel that makes the case look even valiant. It is like the amalgamation King Arthur’s knights and the Transformers! Other than that, you have a small LCD screen that allows you to monitor the thermal computer case as well as the fans at the same time! From the LCD, you can also see other details such as the temperature, time, date, and even an alarm that would tell you it’s time to get out of the room because your computer will be destroyed in 10…9…8… ok, I’m kidding!

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