Top 7 Trending Android App in 2020: The Definitive List

With millions of apps sitting in the Google play store right now, choosing the best option can be a daunting task. There are apps for ordering takeout, live streaming news, or hailing a taxi. Whatever you need, there’s probably an app for that. Unfortunately, not all apps are worth downloading. Some are real masterpieces, while others are duds. And that’s why we created this list. It’s full of highly-rated apps that solve some real-world problems.

Brave Browser

Online privacy is a big concern these days. People want to avoid mainstream apps that seem to collect personal info and sell it to advertisers. That explains why you can’t seem to shake off those annoying ads. Brave Browser is a free app that protects you from these leaks. It blocks scripts, ads, pop-ups, and third-party cookies in real-time. Above all, this tool uses HTTPS everywhere to secure all internet connections. That makes it one of the best free browsers, ever.

Unibet’s Casino App

Online casino gaming is gaining traction, and Unibet is at the forefront of this movement. This casino app features hundreds of games from established and young creators alike. In particular, slots show up in dozens, and the table game section is overflowing with options.

But there’s more:

Few casinos can top the numbers seen in the Unibet Jackpots section. That’s part of the reason why this app deserves a place in the best online casino list.

Signal Private Messenger

There are many mobile messengers, but they all seem to have an issue with security. And that’s where this app really shines. Signal Private Messenger is a free app built to secure communication.

The signal app works like a regular phone, for the most part. It comes complete with a call and SMS client that sends and receives encrypted calls and messages. However, it’s worth noting that this app is a work in progress. The creators keep adding new features in functionality and user interface.

Google Pay

Google Pay is Alphabets’ newest project that is aimed at simplifying payments. You can add any type of card, and also supports a vast number of reward cards.

Here’s how it works:

Google Pay keeps your bank information secure. Think of it as a safety layer between your financial institution and sellers. You can pay utility bills using bank details, QR codes, mobile numbers, and UPI names. It does not get any better than this.


Here’s a little something for all the foodies out there.

This app allows users to discover the nearest restaurants, order food, and have it delivered. Users can also check out the restaurant’s pics, menus, and reviews before ordering. While takeout is the most popular option for Zomato users, you can also book tables and discover discounts. In short, this app makes it easy to find cafes and pubs by name, cuisine, or location. And that is a real game-changer.

Google Find My Device

Finally, there’s a solution to locate misplaced android devices. This ingenious app comes in handy in case you need to reset the pin or passcode of your lost android device. It also lets users wipe the device clean and play a soundtrack while tracing it. This service is a much-welcomed answer to iPhone’s security feature, but with a twist. You can use one account to secure all your android devices. And it’s free to download.


This nifty piece of software uses your phone’s camera to scan documents. You can then send them via messaging apps or store them in online storage services. Notably, this app supports Jpeg and PDF formats, but Airprint and fax documents are your best option. It also syncs these documents across all your devices. CamScanner can write, proofread, and edit text. That makes it an essential app for students and people who need to write stuff.

There you have it, the top seven trending apps on the Google Play Store. Take your pick and enjoy the free service.