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Video Glasses the Coolest Movies in your pocket

Finally the ability to watch movies now in your Glasses! This is the first of its kind and now gives you the ability to watch movies or even play the …


Want a vintage-looking computer case?

Looking at this weird computer case, it seems like it was made centuries ago. Imagine that the people during the 1800's were using it. Probably this was found along with …


X-Clear Acrylic Computer Case: Sleek, stunning, and bold!

Could you bear to hide all your high-performance drives, latest processor, motherboard, and video card in a computer case? And even if it is the coolest computer case there is, …


WARNING! Deadly-looking Computer Case – Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1.

By the looks of it, it seems like Wall-E was compressed and has gone evil…not! It is just the new and the coolest computer case made by a gamer for …