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Gaming PC need to have a different kind of case than ordinary PC. It is not always about having a cool computer case, but also a effective one if you like to be known among the gamers. That is why take a look at the new Zalman GS1000 Gaming case. Made specifically for the gaming community, it addresses the major concerns of the gaming community. For example cool computer cases for a gamer have to have a good cooling system so that the machine does not heat up during an unreal tournament! Zalman GS1000 gaming cases have 12mm fan vents, 2 in top, 1 in rear and 2 in bottom. But only 2 fans are included rest are optional. But knowing serious gamers, they will buy those optional fans before buying any thing else!

Another thing that good and cool gaming PCs must have is easy swapping of hard drives. With Zalman GS1000, this won’t be a problem thanks to its rubber damper and hook system.  FDD and HDD can easily be installed as it has 5.25” expansion bays. If you are experienced gamer and often attend LAN Parties then the cable compartment behind the motherboard will help you in easy cable management. There are 7 expansion card slots present with tool free bolts with Zalman GS1000. This cool computer case comes in two colors to, black and dark grey. Another great thing about Zalman GS 1000 gaming case is its price.

Unlike some cool gaming pc cases, it does not come with a hefty price tag though it has everything that one could want in a good gaming pc case. The reason for an affordable price is due to the material used in building this highly praised cool computer case. The side panels and the detail from its front panel are aluminum manufactures while traditional zinc coated steel has been used in making the internal body. That is why Zalman GS 1000 gaming case looks like an all-aluminum unit but does not burnt the pocket like it. So make sure the next time you are looking for cool pc cases, make sure you see Zalman GS1000 gaming case before anything else!


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