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Finally the ability to watch movies now in your Glasses!

This is the first of its kind and now gives you the ability to watch movies or even play the latest video games on a 40” wide cinema display. You can watch anything on your commute to work or just laying around on a Sunday afternoon. These glasses truly are portable and a breakthrough.

Latest Technology
Video glasses work by allowing the user to wear the glasses, like any normal sunglasses, and then displays the image using the left and right eye display.  This then produces a 40” virtual screen that makes you feel as if you are sitting right there in a movie cinema. Being light and very comfortable these glasses can be worn for extended periods of time and have an advanced micro LCoS screen that has been very skilfully engineered and tested to ensure no harm to your eyes is ever possible. 

These Glasses can be purchased online NOW from the following Online Supplier.

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