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The ultimate iPad case, this case is specially designed for the iPad. With a keyboard that is built into the case the leather surround offers a comfortable and affordable case that is going to really impress your partner.

When the case is placed with the keyboard laying flat the case turns into a laptop style position and allows easy typing for long emails or chat sessions, or if you simply want to do some browsing you can fold the iPad leather case and hide the keyboard out of sight. To open the case, simply open it like you would a book this ensures full protection for the iPad screen. Because of its design, It also allows access to all the controls and ports at all times, meaning you have full functionality whilst your iPad is still inside the case.

This perfect innovative iPad leather case is ideal for people who regularly use their iPad for e-mailing, making notes, and writing documents; whilst its clever design makes sure your iPad is always safe and secure. This iPad case also comes with an elastic strap closure system that makes life easier.

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