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We have just picked ourselves up a pair of these Vehicle Headrest with built in DVD player system.  Our car has black leather seats so as the units come in a high quality faux leather, also in black, they look great. Surprisingly the large 7 inch LCD display allows the kids to watch movies or plug in their portable media player and watching movies and listening to music.


The beauty of the built-in region-free DVD player means we can watch all our DVD collection we have collected from around the world.

The in built FM transmitter is used for transmitting audio straight to the car stereo for the great sound using the car own sound system, and if we do not want to listen the units come with a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Other great features include AV IN and AV OUT, adjustable struts for the easy installation, and an all in one kit featuring

Now we can take long trips in the car and not worry about the kids.

These DVD Headsets can be purchased online NOW from the following Online Supplier.

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