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When it comes to cool computer case for gamers and even non-gamers, it is not just the facade that the users are after. The ability of the gaming computer case to provide an excellent cooling system that would efficiently release the warm air inside is also a must. This makes the Thermaltake Armor+ LCS VH600LBWS Case the right storage for all the essential tangible parts of the computer. What makes it different from the other cool computer cases? Well, the Thermaltake Armor+ LCS VH600LBWS Case is not only capable of handling air cooling but liquid cooling system at the same time, truly a perfect epitome of a god-like computer case. The fans of this themal computer case can be found at the rear, front, and the side. The latter parts incorporate LED fans colored in blue to enhance the aquatic aura of the Thermaltake Armor+ LCS VH600LBWS Case. This $360 worth gaming computer case has a clear side panel to let your friends have a good look of what’s inside (and definitely to make them envious!)

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