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desktop micro computer caseSome of us might want to have a computer in the living room. But most of the time, a computer in the living room don’t really go with the furniture around.

I found this great desktop micro computer case.

Some call it a micro computer case, some call it small computer case and some call it mini computer case. What ever you call it, it is one cool computer case.

I think this would look good in the living room. It’s small, sleek and smart looking. The cool design also makes it look like a stereo amplifier. So it will go great with the hifi stereo set. With a micro computer case like this, you can it will fit anywhere. Sometimes you can even use it the computer for kiosk or at public places. A great innovation from Lian Li.

Though being small, it has quite a list of high tech features. It has a hard anodize brush aluminum finish. It also has three controllable 60mm fans. Though being small, this micro computer case has the power for optimum cooling. The three fans is also very quiet.

Sometime, with an LCD computer monitor and having it in the living room, it’ll be great as MP3 player or a VCD player and also for work.

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