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It seems that the die-hard gamer computer case lovers were fanatics of Frodo and Optimus Prime as well. As expected from NZXT, the latest extraordinary computer case added to their collection looks like it was inspired from the movies Lord of the Rings II and the infamous Transformers. If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, then the Khaos Full Tower Gaming Case is just the right sleek computer case for you.

With its aluminum build and black finishing, the NZXT computer case a.k.a Khaos, would stand magnificently in your computer desk especially if you pay attention to the sleek curves and stunning chassis without the expense of the cooling system. There are actually two brackets and fans measuring 120mm each before the mobo (motherboard) and the video card so that these essentials could have a steady flow of air and maximize its performance.

Truly, the cool computer case for those hardcore gamers and unique computer case aficionado is no other than the NZXT Khaos Full Tower Gaming Case. Let your friends fight who gets to admire it first!

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