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clear acrylic computer caseIf you are a person that has a powerful set of hardware inside your computer case, what you would want is to show case your hardware.

What would be suitable is a clear acrylic computer case. With a clear acrylic computer case, all of the sides of the computer case is totally clear. This way people can really see what’s inside your computer case.

This clear acrylic computer case has quite an extensive list of feature. What I like about is that it is ready with blow holes. Apart from that, there are also 5 bays for hard disk or CD-ROM.

For me, with this clear acrylic computer case, you can really stand out from the crowd. Add in together some cool lighting to the clear acrylic computer case. That would make your clear acrylic computer clear glow beautifully.

I just would like to tell you that assembly is required. I am sure that you can handle that. This clear acrylic computer will be shipped flat. You need to handle with care. Use a pair of gloves to avoid scratches and don’t use to much pressure when tightening the screws. Too hard, the screws might just snap.

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