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Welcome back friends. Tell me honestly, do you love a noisy neighbor? I am sure you don't.

Likewise, nothing can be uncool than a cool gaming PC making horrible noise! The culprit can be the cooling fan, the CD or the DVD player and sometime the hard disk. So, if you are into PC moddings and want to make cool PC mods, then the first thing you have to learn is how to build a quite gaming computer case. Sometime it is also a necessity than a style statement. If your pc is making too much noise than it can be a problem while playing as one gets distracted by the constant whirling noises. Also, if you are sharing the room with someone and tend to work or play while the other person is sleeping, then it is sheer courtesy that you have a cool computer case that does not make noise!!

Let’s start with the fan. The problem with ordinary fans in standard PC is that they are cheap. And when you play hi powered games, the processor tends to heat up and so the fan starts to make noise after long time of use. So, to avoid it you can either play low powered game (just kidding) or get some high quality fans installed in your machine. You can start with CPU fans like “Zalman Flower Heatsink” or “Scythia Slipsteam “. But see that the fans are not too heavy as they will sit on the CPU. One more thing that you should keep in mind is to use fans according to the processor you are using. For example AMD Athlon processors tends to heat up more than Intel as they consume more power, so choose a fan accordingly while creating your gaming pc mods.

The next place to reduce noise is the Graphics Adaptor processor fans especially if you play lots of 3D games. There are three options here- the first is to get a second card to distribute the load or to replace the fan. The third is to get a 3D accelerated card that has a passive Heatsink. Having a good air flow system is also vital in having “cool” computer cases. So try more than one fan in the bottom of the PC. Having a silent drive enclosure for your hard drives can reduce the noise that comes from drives that have high rpm. As for noise that come from CD drives or DVD drives, try the software CDBremse. Lastly, cases that are made of material that do not vibrate easily will go a long way in creating a quite gaming computer case.

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