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Looking to be a rock star and a computer it guru, then this is the computer desk for you. This desk utilises a similar colour as the Battle-Rig Gamer Desk, the name of this work of art is the Corner V1 Computer Desk and we think looks more like rock stars drum set, imagine playing RockStar with this desk.

The Desk utilises circular mini-shelves and hosts a number of arm rests. The Vision One isn’t all looks though as it has built in 2.1 speaker support, the Vision One offers space for two speakers and a woofer.

What we really love about it is the designated spots to rest your arms as you click away. Hell, you could probably even practice your drum solo on here.

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2 Responses to Modern Computer Desk

  1. bryan says:

    wow that is AWESOME!!!

  2. yuri says:

    Where may buy this?

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