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After my machine shut off while playing a real challenging chapter of Diablo, I was hell bend on finding the best computer case that is there in the market. I just didn’t want any computer case but only those cool computer cases that make the machines look like real cool gaming PCs; get what I mean!!

The first and foremost requirement was that it had to have real good cooling fans so as to keep the machine cool while I am fighting my enemies. Well, I shortlisted some after searching the net, Antec Nine Hundred, Lian Li PC-60 and Alienware computer cases. But the problem is that Hamlet is my middle name and I cannot decide between these three. And the price tag of most of them is such that it is quite an investment. So here I am giving a short description of the three and I ask fellow gamers which is the best one. Please specify whether you have used or seen someone use these cool computer cases.

Antec Nine Hundred: Slick black in color and comes with huge fans; three 120mm fans plus mounts to add more fans. On top there is 200 mm fan to keep things really cool (both figuratively and literarily). It comes in the range between $150 to $239.

Lian Li PC-60: Though made of aluminum, this cool computer case has plain brushed silver finish. Along with the standard fan, it has three fans mounts, one in back while two in front. These pre-mounted 12 volt 80mm are great to keep the machine cool while you are playing your high end computer games. The front fan even has a washable dust filter to keep your cool gaming pc clean as well. Lian Li PC-60, the price is around $100.

Alienware: The most stunningly beautiful cool computer cases that I have seen, the only deterrent is the price! It comes in such unconventional colors as Green and Blue with a beautiful metallic finish. AlienIce is the one I liked the most but the price tag is nearly $400 so I think I will add it to my wish list.

So what do you think of the selection? If you have anything better, do tell me.

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