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I was looking for some new joystick for my nephew to give in Christmas when I came across Xoxide.com. The site has quite a collection. I was impressed by the variety of computer related products available in the site. I think many of them are a must if you want to posses a cool gaming pc.

For example check out the cool computer cases like Sunbeam 9 Bay Acrylic Case in UV blue or the Lian Li PC-343 B modular cube case. They are sure to make many heads turn. A bit on the high side for me but I am saving to treat myself this Christmas with one such cool computer cases.

The prices in Xoxide.com are a bit lower than market price and that’s a relief. I have already brought one item from the site, the Multimedia Speaker and Mouse combo. For nearly 18 dollars it was quite a good catch! As for my nephew, I am torn between the Logitech Chillstorm Game Controller and Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless PC Flight Joystick. Whatever I choose, I am sure my nephew’s computer is going to become a much more cool gaming PC than before! I thought about buying it now for it might not be in stock during the upcoming holiday season!

I have also earmarked some very important gaming accessories that I have to buy. Since I am an avid gamer, my machine often gets heated up way above normal. So I am thinking about investing in either a 250mm one or a 360 one.

Any suggestions on which will be a better buy for my needs?

I checked out the clearance sells section as well. Some great offers are available for fans but I am a bit apprehensive about buying from this section. I am not very sure whether the products in both the section are same or should I try new ones. I would always like to have a cool buy.

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