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Looking at this weird computer case, it seems like it was made centuries ago. Imagine that the people during the 1800's were using it. Probably this was found along with the remains of the dinosaurs of long ago.


While most of the computer enthusiasts today are after the most high-tech looking and coolest computer cases, an individual tried to "outdate-fy" his own computer case. The faded colors, broken glass, and other details, he really made it very realistic, as if it was an old-age computer. Seems like a piece of junk. So junk that even the cheapest junkyard would never pay for it.

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One Response to Want a vintage-looking computer case?

  1. Trolol says:

    Obviously this is not a "Vintage" themed case. It is modeled for the game series Half LIfe, specificly Half Life 2 and the related story part from Black Mesa.

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