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When you want to build your own computer especially when you want to do computer case modding, it is important to have the right computer case power supply. Choosing the right power supply is important to make sure that you have enough electricity to power you computer.

Power supply is measured in the watt value. I think you are aware that computer case power supply comes in various Watts. Normally, you can choose computer case power supply from 250 Watts to 400 Watts. At some places, you can also find computer case power supply upto 500 Watts. But how do you know the right computer case power supply for you computer?

Be sure where you live as it determines that type of power you should use for your computer case power supply. This is because that different countries supply different type of electricity from the power socket. In the USA, they use the 110V eletricity. In countries in Europe and rest of the world, they use the 240V electricity. But you don't really have to worry much on this. Most power supply comes with a toggle for this. This is normally designed with a switch between 110V or 240V. Make sure you toggle the switch right according to your country.

To know the right computer case power supply, you need to know how much watts that you need. Watts is calculate by multiplying Amps (A) and Volts (V). You can normally see this at most computer parts. Lets take a look at normal computer parts first.

  Motherboard 5A x 5V = 25W
Floppy drive 1A x 12V = 12W
Hard disk drive 1A x 12V = 12W
CD-ROM 1A x 12V = 12W
PCI card 4A x 5V = 20W

So let say you have the following

  Motherboard 1 25W
Hard disk drive 2 24W
CD-ROM 1 12W
CD Writer 1 12W
Sound Card 1 20W
Display Card 1 20W
Floppy drive 1 12W
Total   125W

This totals upto 125W. If you have other computer parts that you want to install, know the Watts and total up the Watts. Then, when you got your figure, push up a little bit. In this case, considering that we still have fans and lighting not yet calculated, maybe a 250W computer case power supply would be good. It'll be good to be ready for future expansion of you computer. When you total upto 300W, get a 350W or a 400W computer case power supply.

You can always go for the standard power supplu. But some good computer case power supply brands are like Enlight, Antec and PC Power and Cooling. Some computer case power supply are also built specially for a processor like Intel or AMD.

Let me remind you again about the 110V and the 240V electricty power. Especially when you are living the UK and buying from a US merchant. Set the toggle switch to 240V first before using it. This also goes for US computer enthusiast. Whether you are buying 300W or 400W, always check the 110/240 toggle switch so that you don't blow your new computer case power supply with the wrong current.

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