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Let me just precaution you that if you still have warranty on your computer case, you will definitely void it. Make sure that you really want to do this. Always use gloves and goggles when using hardware tools. By reading this, you agree that you will never hold me responsible for any damages or injury that might occur.


Now, I am going to walk you through very briefly how you can window you cool computer case yourself.

First of all, what you would need are the right set of tools. Making a window on your computer case involves cutting acrylic sheet and your computer case. For this, I would recommend a hand rotary tool.

Now, the cutting wheels. You don’t want your wheels to break while attempting to cut your computer case or your acrylic sheet, right? So for that, make sure you have a mesh-reinforced wheels. These type of cutting wheels will last longer and are not likely to break.


Before you do any cutting, make sure that you have measured everything correctly. Take out the side panel and measure it. Measure and re-measure everything. When you already have a hole, you have a hole. There’s no fix to that. When you already know what kind of hole you want, draw it with a pencil on the side panel. Make sure that you draw it on the side of the panel that faces the inside of the computer case. What ever hole you’re planning, star, oval, rectangle, draw it first with a pencil. And always make sure that your acrylic sheet can cover the hole.


You will be cutting two things here. One, the side panel of your computer case. Two, the acylic sheet. Remember that you have drawn your window on the side panel of the computer case. Don’t cut the side panel first, cut the acrylic sheet first and try placing it on the drawn window shape. Make sure that it covers the window well. Also make sure that the acrylic sheet is bigger than the hole, enough to secure the acrylic sheet later. A space between 1 to 2 inches will be enough.

Always be extra careful when you are cutting. If you have never use a rotary tool on an acrylic sheet before, test first on the edge of the sheet. For the side panel, you can test the rotary tool in the center of the side panel where you are sure that area will be a hole later. When you have become comfortable with the rotary tool, you begin cutting.

When you are done cutting the side panel, you remove the cutting wheel off from the rotary tool and place grinding or a sanding attachment and run it over the edges to remove sharp edges.

Securing the acrylic sheet

For your computer to look cool later, we need to cover the rough edges of the hole. For this, you can use chrome car trim. With this, you can just slip it over the edges with a small adhesive lining on the inside. This will give you a more smooth finish rather than a bare cut edges.

Now, what we need to do is to secure the acrylic sheet on the hole. What I would recommend is to use Velcro strips. Velcro is great because you can have room for mistakes. If anything should go wrong, you can always take the sheet off and put back again. You don’t really need alot of Velcro strips. For a rectangle shape hole, 4 Velcro strips, one for each side would enough.

I think, all this should do it. You can now put your your side panel back on to your computer case.

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