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Let me just precaution you that if you still have warranty on your computer case, you will definitely void it. Make sure that you really want to do this. Always use gloves and goggles when using hardware tools. By reading this, you agree that you will never hold me responsible for any damages or injury that might occur.

Preparing for painting

When everything else is done, what you want else do you want to do? Maybe you would want to paint you computer case. Let me just tell you the process of painting your computer case would take several days. The process that you would have to go through are Sanding, Priming, Painting and Finishing. But before you do all these, you must be prepared not being able to use your computer for several days. To paint you computer case, you need to de-assemble all computer components and let the computer case empty.


Sanding is the process of taking the clear coat off the metal of your computer case. Why do you want to take off the clear coat off the computer case? This is because the clear coat of your computer case is a layer that will prevent new paint to stick well. So that is why you need to take off the clear coat layer.

You can do this with the wet / dry sand paper or water-proof sand paper. This way you can use water together while sanding the surface. For the front panel of the computer case which is normally made of plastic, you can use 300 to 400 grit sand paper. For the metal surface of the computer case, you can use a 600 grit sand paper that is more fine. When you feel that the metal surface is smooth, your sanding has been completed. You might want to sand down all the way to the bare metal, but you don’t really have to do that.


After sanding, you want to coat a layer of primer on the computer case. A primer coat will hold the paint layer to the metal surface. You may want to to do 3 layer of the primer coat. You must wait for each layer to dry before you can apply another layer. You can get a primer coat spray easily at many hardware stores.

Before you spray the primer coat spray, make sure that the computer case is clean and dry. Then use a steady left-to-right motion when spraying. When you are done, let it dry. Give it 24 hours to dry. When waiting for it to dry, make sure you put it in a clean environment. You don’t want dust to fly and stick to the wet spray, right?

OK … for the rest of the layers, make sure that the earlier layer has dried totally. And to make the layer smooth, in case there aren’t due to dust flying around or your naughty fingers, sand it again with a 400 grit wet dry sand paper just like when you are sanding it to remove the clear coat.

Remember, do at least 3 layers of primer coat. I know that this is going to take days. But be patient. It’ll be worth it.


Now choose your color. When you have choosen you color, go and buy your spray paint. Painting will be just like priming. Depending on the number of layers that you decide to have, this can also take days. I really recommend three or four layers.

You will need to repeat the process exactly like priming. First you make sure the surface is clean and dry and smooth. If not, clean it, wait for it to dry, and sand it. Then, apply one layer to the computer case. Then wait for it to dry again. Let it be for 24 hours. This way you can let the surface dry completely. Then do the sanding again to make sure that all surface is smooth. The apply another layer. Do this for three or more layers.

Finishing Coat

Finally, to maintain and add a glossy, shining finish to the job, we apply the clear coat for finishing. Depending on how glossy you want your computer case to be, you can put more and more layers of clear coat. More layers mean more glossy look.

The process is the same like priming and paint. You need to wait about 24 hours to let the layer dry totally. But for sanding, use a 600 grit sand paper.

Just a last note, for priming, painting and clear coat, it is advisable that you buy sprays of the same brand. This is because that same brand would tend to bond better among themselves.

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