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Let me just precaution you that if you still have warranty on your computer case, you will definitely void it. Make sure that you really want to do this. Always use gloves and goggles when using hardware tools. By reading this, you agree that you will never hold me responsible for any damages or injury that might occur.

Power and wire connector

You might already know this that all the power that will light your computer case will come from the power supply. Your lights in the computer case will use a lot of power. You need to be sure that you power supply can support it.

To draw power from the power supply, you will need get it from the Molex connector, the 4-pin connector that powers your had disk, CD-ROM. It has a wire for 12V DC, a wire for 5V DC and two wire for ground. The yellow wire is the 12V DC wire, the red wire is the 5V DC wire. The other two black wire are ground wires.

For the purpose of lighting your computer case, we will be using the 12V DC wire (yellow) and a ground wire to complete the circuit. There are several ways you can light your computer case. Let's just go through a few of them.

Neon Tubes

Neon tubes are quite famous among computer case modding enthusiast. It gives quite a cool effect on the computer case. It is also easy to install as it can accept DC current. So you don't have to use it with an inverter.

Electro Luminescent (EL) Lights

Electro Luminescent (EL) Lightst are a bit tricky than neon tubes. This is becuase the it requires AC power. Your power supply output 12V DC power. And from this DC power, you need to use an inverter or transformer to transform it to AC power. The best thing about EL lights is that it is flexible compared to neon lights. That way, you can bend it in many ways that you like.

Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamp

Cold cathode flourescent lamp is another type of light that requires an inverter. You need to get an inverter that can transform the 12V DC to 1000V AC. That's a whole lot of change. But Cold cathode flourescent light can give you a bright lighting. You can also cover it with tranparent plastic wrappers to change its color. Some cold cathode flourescent lamp are sold wired together to an inverter. This is what I would recommend especially if you are not familiar with electronics.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

This is small and quite easy to install. This is because with LED you don't have to have an inverter. You could even line up LED in a certain row to built a running light. Of course this would require a curcuit board.

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