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Let me just precaution you that if you still have warranty on your computer case, you will definitely void it. Make sure that you really want to do this. Always use gloves and goggles when using hardware tools. By reading this, you agree that you will never hold me responsible for any damages or injury that might occur.

Computer case fan and airflow

Having a cool computer case (in terms of temperature) is very important. Because when your computer case is cool, you can use it for a very long time and it will also last longer.

Some people simply put on blow holes and fans without planning the air flow inside the computer case. The diagram above is how the air flow inside your computer case should be.

You should have air coming in and air going out. This way you can use the air not only to cool but to carry heat out of the computer case.

To put fans, you need to have blow holes. Some cool computer cases already have blow holes. Blow hole sizes range from 60mm to 120mm in diameter. If your computer case does not have any blow holes, you can always install one by using a rotary tool and hole saw.

With the blow holes, you would also need fan grills. For intake fans, you would need fan filters so that you computer case does not suck in dust or sand.

As for the fans, like the previous projects where we put on lights, you would need to draw power from the Molex connectors again. Be sure you have calculated the power required and that you have sufficient power from your power supply.

Thanks to the evolving interest in computer case modding, there are many types of interesting computer case fans now. There are even some with its own lightings and LEDs.

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