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When your utility power unexpectedly fails to function is is important to have standby energy; therefore a UPS is an essential device to provide you with the service. But deciding on a good UPS is a hard situation as there are so many choices out there in the market. A Riello UPS is one such make and it is an ideal choice and we shall see why.

Riello is one of the leading UPS suppliers in the UK, offering UPS and standby resource systems that provide the ultimate solution, the best available in the industry. This is the auxiliary unit of Riello UPS, a primary European electrical devices and electronics producer and forms a branch of the Riello Elettronica group of companies. The Riello UPS provides uninterruptible power supplies, standby energy devices, inverters, stationary transmission switches, switchgear and generators. 

A commendable effort made by Riello UPS is to provide apart from high quality, dynamic uninerruptible power supplies, UPS systems that are ecology friendly. It focuses on providing battery solutions that can help prolong the battery life and cut down the frequency of battery replacements and removal programmes. It endeavours to diminish the effect on upshot devices and provide a wider storage capacity. The operating of the UPS has been especially designed so that it corresponds to the electrical aspects of the utility power.

As Riello UPS provides backup power to a few of the most important data centres, it is highly essential that energy conservation solutions be worked out in order to have an uninterrupted power supply. Keeping the competency levels high and maintaining the ability to resist a utility power cut or a sudden interruption of regular supply is high priority along with keeping costs low. The aim should be to preserve the maximum levels of efficiency while maintaining a lesser burden on these UPS power supplies and at the same time providing the ultimate protection to the end source, your sensitive devices. 

Riello uses Eco Energy level ratings that conform to the European Commission Code of Conduct and offers the utmost levels of environment protection that a UPS can manage to provide. The on-line UPS can provide upto six differnt levels; with the sixth one being the greatest level. Riello UPS systems promote the following by using excessive levels of Eco protection; Carbon footprints, cost efficiency, less amount of heat generation and low consumption.

By using this environment friendly technology Riello has not only proved that it is concerned about the biosphere but has also become one of the only producers of UPS systems that uses this unique technique. Wiith it's high standard of quality and it's commitment towards the environment, Reillo UPS is an ideal choice for our power backup solutions.

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