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What is the difference between the various new cheap laptop models and more expensive ones? Well, technical features have a heavy word to say for the matter and cheap laptops are usually the ones which come with less RAM, less memory, and also which can be used as notebooks for accessing the Internet and sending e-mails at more affordable prices. There are many cheap laptops available on the market nowadays. Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Sony and Gateway are just a few brand names that also design cheap laptops.

In what follows you can find some information about the producer's sale policy for cheap laptops. Dell Inspiron 1100, Gateway 400SP Plus, Toshiba Satellite A15, Sony VAIO GRT CTO, IBM ThinkPad R40e Series, as well as others, represent the most common items available in retail shops or with online dealers. One common feature of the above mentioned cheap laptops is their 10/100 integrated Ethernet. Even the duration of battery power remains similar with values between one and three hours depending on the brand.

Therefore it is normal to find them in different price segment. While the display is generally around 14-15 XGA TFT, the hard storage capacity does not go beyond thirty GB. One other feature shared by cheap laptops is the small size, as they only weigh eight pounds at the maximum. They all incorporate Intel Celeron processors ranging from 1.7GHz to 2.2GHz, but if we were to judge by the slight differences among these cheap laptops, we could say that the price variations should be almost nil.

On the other hand there are stores and online firms deal in reconditioned used cheap laptops. Take for instance laptopcloseout.com of Toronto, Canada, and you get a comprehensive list of items in the refurbished category. This firm works with renowned computer and laptop manufacturers, therefore, the quality of the merchandise is quite high enabling the customers to purchase best quality refurbished used computer PCs and notebooks accessories.

In addition, another explanation for the high-demand of cheap laptops is the compelling need for computerized education that opens the access of the electronic world to children from under-developed classes. I assume everybody has heard of the program One Laptop Per Child – OLPC, whose purpose is to help children in financial difficulty with laptops and PCs. Evidently, for such projects state-of-art computers and laptops are not the only variant here. The cheap laptops offered by different manufacturers will do the job as children who will benefit from this project do not need the most complex devices for learning purposes.

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