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Repair your own Computer

Thought we would post a video to show people how to repair their own computer, enjoy.

Lanboy Air

Antec LanBoy Air Blue Gaming Case

Now this a case you can impress your mates with. Introducing the LanBoy Air. Nearly every part on this case, even the motherboard and PSU mounts, is modular and customizable. …


Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop Details

The Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop is the highest performing and most powerful desktop on the market currently with one of the highest overclocked CPUs, aggressive design and comes with the …


Emperor Workstation

The Emperor now has a worthy throne The Emperor 200 was released in 2009 and we are still saving to be able to buy one, with a $40,000 price tag …


Futuristic Futurama Case

A cartoon with a good sense of adult humor is where people get their inspiration from. Just take a look at this one – Futurama's very own Bender. After the …


A perfect epitome of a sleekness

Black is always beautiful and so is this case. Who would have thought that this engine-inspired computer case can actually define the term Sleek? If enthusiasts can drool over a …


Got fetish for Cosplay costumes?

Japanese are known for wearing fashionable clothes and really unique costumes especially during Cosplays. Who would have thought that they would still incorporate such fetish on their computer cases as …


Beastly, Manly Case inspired by Logan

Now this Marvel-inspired computer case would definitely show how Wolverine fanatic are you! Although this case was not really meant for the beastly handsome character from X-Men (talking about the …


Long live the Star Wars!

Star Wars afficionados would die to have this kind of computer case. The only thing missing is you in your Luke Skywalker's costume while you sit down in front of …


Keep your cool!

It's not easy to keep your computer case cool. Everyone knows that cases need fans but this one is ludacris! If you are trying to have a cool computer case …