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Nintendo 64 Coffee Table

Bosworth made this sweet coffee table using a huge replica of the Nintendo 64 logo as the base. Which once again reminds me how much the Wii logo sucks. No …

Blower Real Air

Blower-Real Air

“Blower-Real Air” is a new iPhone application that is targeting people who, let’s say, are quite lazy. Well, the application, developed by Qneo and priced at less than $1, has …


Crowdmug Providing Increased Mobility from Home

Crowdmug is an innovative iPhone application that can allow people to have an overview of a particular area without being physically there. How it works is quite simple. Other people …


Outsource Your Fantasy Football League Team Management

If you have ever played in a fantasy football league, then you know how challenging it can be. This is probably why Kris Rivenburgh started the business of helping fantasy …


Repair your own Computer

Thought we would post a video to show people how to repair their own computer, enjoy.

Lanboy Air

Antec LanBoy Air Blue Gaming Case

Now this a case you can impress your mates with. Introducing the LanBoy Air. Nearly every part on this case, even the motherboard and PSU mounts, is modular and customizable. …


Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop Details

The Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop is the highest performing and most powerful desktop on the market currently with one of the highest overclocked CPUs, aggressive design and comes with the …


Emperor Workstation

The Emperor now has a worthy throne The Emperor 200 was released in 2009 and we are still saving to be able to buy one, with a $40,000 price tag …


Futuristic Computer Desk

Futuristic Computer Desk Here is a concept design that is floating around the internet. This workstation leaves a drooling sensation in our mouths.  Comfort and posture are key to the …


Film Scanner

Film Scanner Ok so we just wanted to cover off on some cool gadgets that can be purchased today. Here is a 35 mm film scanner, the G284. This device …