For the not-so imaginative computer users

Some  may find it cool while others see it very disturbing. This is why this filthy-looking computer case is not for those who have wild imaginations and also for those …


Too weird..too freaky

Have your prepped up your Halloween costume? If you will be Count Dracula or the Sassy Vampire for this year, what better way to compliment your character than to have …


Nintendo 64 Coffee Table

Bosworth made this sweet coffee table using a huge replica of the Nintendo 64 logo as the base. Which once again reminds me how much the Wii logo sucks. No …

Blower Real Air

Blower-Real Air

“Blower-Real Air” is a new iPhone application that is targeting people who, let’s say, are quite lazy. Well, the application, developed by Qneo and priced at less than $1, has …


Crowdmug Providing Increased Mobility from Home

Crowdmug is an innovative iPhone application that can allow people to have an overview of a particular area without being physically there. How it works is quite simple. Other people …


Outsource Your Fantasy Football League Team Management

If you have ever played in a fantasy football league, then you know how challenging it can be. This is probably why Kris Rivenburgh started the business of helping fantasy …


Repair your own Computer

Thought we would post a video to show people how to repair their own computer, enjoy.

Lanboy Air

Antec LanBoy Air Blue Gaming Case

Now this a case you can impress your mates with. Introducing the LanBoy Air. Nearly every part on this case, even the motherboard and PSU mounts, is modular and customizable. …


Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop Details

The Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop is the highest performing and most powerful desktop on the market currently with one of the highest overclocked CPUs, aggressive design and comes with the …


Emperor Workstation

The Emperor now has a worthy throne The Emperor 200 was released in 2009 and we are still saving to be able to buy one, with a $40,000 price tag …


Futuristic Computer Desk

Futuristic Computer Desk Here is a concept design that is floating around the internet. This workstation leaves a drooling sensation in our mouths.  Comfort and posture are key to the …


Film Scanner

Film Scanner Ok so we just wanted to cover off on some cool gadgets that can be purchased today. Here is a 35 mm film scanner, the G284. This device …